Aim for excellence.

mirrorme is for surgeons
who want more for their patients
& more from their workflow

MirrorMe is a
surgeon-centric solution
for surgical planning and care.

Results-driven to help you excel.

All-in-one platform

From pre-op, to intra-op, to post-op.

Workflow Ready

From the planning phase to surgery, surgeons and their teams can quickly access data, makes notes, and monitor progress.

Enhanced Security

MirrorMe has built-in granular controls for ensuring that access to patient data is securely managed.

Remote Access

View or add data throughout the course of care without sacrificing on security or waiting for data to arrive from other services.
The MirrorMe 3D Viewer in action! Displaying volumetric rendering alongside custom views and annotations.

Ready to learn more?

MirrorMe is solving data access and case management for world-class surgeons and their teams.



How often are you emailing photos or other sensitive data during the planning process or postoperative monitoring process? MirrorMe can eliminate this security risk.


cases and patients

The MirrorMe Enterprise plan gives you unlimited cases and patients so your team doesn't have to worry about running out of space or additional costs as new patients book surgery.


patient app available for sharing & compliance

The MirrorMe Patient App gives patients access to their imaging data and allows them to securely upload additional photos and scans directly to their surgeon or care team.

Patients with the app can respond to doctor communication easily and move between specialists efficiently.


APIs and data migration available

Reach out to get pricing on custom APIs and migration strategies to make implementation easy for your team.