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Millimeters Matter.

We're standardizing soft-tissue procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons globally. With soft-tissue planning and modeling by means of 3D printing, our patient specific, surgeon tested guides and intraoperative references are changing the surgical experience for both you and your patient. 

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Why Soft Tissue? 

Photos aren't always as accurate to life as surgeons need them to be. MirrorMe3D, with the help of leading plastic surgeons, realized the potential 3D planning and 3D printing had for soft tissue modeling. 

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Better Tools for Better Patient Care.

We evolved our products to begin producing detailed surgical tools focused on specific anatomical regions. The creation process is intricate because we want to make sure that every detail is accurate and helpful. We source the images by getting .mtl files from high-quality 3D camera companies. Then, our engineers work on the files to do quality correction, color control, and general cleaning. Finally, we cut the model to include exactly what the surgeon needs. Today, we offer over five different kinds of models that have applications in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.




Our goal is to give you tools that are 1:1 anatomically accurate with your actual patients and 2D photos just don't cut. It's time to embrace 3D imaging and printing to get a true understanding of your patients anatomy for all stages of the surgical process.



Million cosmetic procedures performed

Of the 17.5 million cosmetic procedures that took place in the United States in 2017, 1.8 million were surgical. With the top three surgical procedures being: breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty. With a number that large, imagine the precision and optimized patient outcomes we can achieve with 3D planning and modeling.  



Customizable, patient specific references

From pre-op, to intra-op, to post-op, we are working tirelessly to standardize soft tissue care management. Baseline models provide an exact match of the starting point, while simulation models and guides can help surgeons reach their desired outcome.


The Implementation

These models are helping us work towards the goal we began with: to provide surgeons with technology never before thought possible so they can offer the best medical care. From surgical planning to reference guides for the most complex procedures, MirrorMe3D offers you full-color, patient-specific 3D models as well as custom guides and marking templates for every case. You aim for perfection. We give you precision. 


Rhinoplasty Models

Featuring the key operating areas of and around the nose, rhinoplasty models help surgeons plan for surgery and simulate the procedure.

Breast Models

Helpful for both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, these breast models familiarize surgeons with the soft tissue dynamics of their patients. This means that they can create incisions in the most effective locations without disrupting sensitive tissue. 

Surgical Guides & Templates

Using your patient's 3D files, you can more reliably measure your progress towards your desired outcome during surgery with our guides and templates. Our surgical guides and templates can be sterilized and used intraoperatively alongside other tools during the procedure. These are accurate guides for optimal results.

Full Face Models

Full face models also help surgeons plan for surgery with applications to orthognathic, reconstructive, and cosmetic procedures.

Patient Education Models

More generally speaking, these models are used to educate the medical community, especially with regards to nose deformities and differing nose ethnicities. Kits demonstrating both are available, and doctors can also ask us to customize kits as they deem appropriate. 


October 2017

3D technology addresses this desire, and delivers hope to a field long awaiting solutions to seemingly unanswerable questions. 

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Want in on the Action? 

Whether you're a surgeon excited to increase the predictability and reliability of soft tissue planning, or you're a patient who wants to understand their own baseline and simulation models through use of 3D imaging and printing, we're here to help you hit the ground running. A standardization of care allows for the best outcome and that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of location or socio-economic status.


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