Intuitive surgical planning


Virtual surgical planning and exceptional patient care in one platform

Designed to make patient analysis and remote monitoring faster and easier

MirrorMe3D Admin Dashboard provides insights into the surgical workflow

Getting started with patient-specific care?

We can make patient-specific care more efficient. From the MirrorMe platform to custom case planning, we can make custom care easy to adopt and easy to implement.

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MirrorMe3D gives you powerful tools for managing approvals and reviewing data for 3D printing

Custom planning today but looking for more?

With many companies servicing surgeons for custom planning, hospital administrators and perioperative managers need a solution for ensuring all data is secure and custom parts are tracked.

Whether custom products are 3D printed in-house or through a vendor, sync all 3D data and approvals in MirrorMe.

Connect surgical planning to postoperative patient monitoring with the MirrorMe app.

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MirrorMe is solving data access and case management for world-class surgeons and their teams.



Worried about emailing photos or other sensitive data? MirrorMe can lighten your inbox and eliminate this security risk.


cases and patients

Unlimited cases and patients are included in paid plans so your team does not have to worry about running out of space or additional costs as new patients seek your care.


patient app available for sharing & compliance

The MirrorMe Patient App gives patients access to their imaging data and allows them to securely upload additional photos and scans directly to their surgeon or care team.

Patients with the app can respond to doctor communication easily and move between specialists with greater efficiently than currently available options.


APIs and data migration available

We want to make set up easy. Reach out to get pricing on custom APIs and migration strategies to make implementation stress-free.

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Looking for soft tissue templates and guides?

From guides to postoperative splints, MirrorMe gives you convenient tools that makes your progress easier to assess during the care and recovery of the patient.
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