Extend your reach.


We’ve seen it first hand.

Physicians, Like you, are incredibly busy but still want to be close to their patient.

You deserve a solution that works around your schedule without compromising your relationships with patients.

MirrorMe Platform

Live commenting and annotations

Instead of waiting for emails, or worse, sorting through your inbox, you can make comments directly on the data which is received in real time by your patients.

Likewise, patients can leave you messages directly through the platform. This saves everyone time and hassle (no phone calls, less inbox clutter).



Manage referrals

Collaborating with another doctor? We make it easy to share files directly so referrals are easier than ever.

  • Keep track of which patient you refer to any colleague

  • View files simultaneously for remote consulting with colleagues

  • Seamlessly make notes to your colleague or mark their notes as reviewed once you’ve read them

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Patient Photos Viewer MirrorMe

Organize patient-generated data

With patients taking more action ahead of their first appointment, you need a way to securely store and access photos they share with you in a HIPAA/GDPR compliant manner.

Our platform enables patients to share 2D photos, notes, or anything else pertinent prior to their consultation.

Post-operatively, they can upload photos of their progress to more easily check in and make post-op monitoring even easier.