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The MirrorMe Dashboard has a Quick Access panel to easily find recently accessed cases. It also display a Case Table in descending order to quickly find patient cases.

What is the MirrorMe Platform?


Intuitively designed with granular controls for communication and security, the MirrorMe Platform runs with you front of mind.


Web-first capabilities and functionalities put critical data exactly where it is needed, anytime.


From planning in a private office, to discussing multi-procedure courses of care, MirrorMe is ready to scale with your team.

Surgical software without the complexity.

Learn more about how MirrorMe can unify your planning process for preoperative studies while making remote monitoring more effective for postoperative patients.

Cloud-based Servers

Encrypted backend and secure frontend delivery ensures that only those who are authorized have access sensitive patient data

Granular Controls

Control who can see each file or imaging set to provide the highest level of protection possible to patient data.

Turn Key Solution

Have years of data to transfer? No problem! We have a simple utility available for enterprise implementations to adopting better software simple.

Unified System

Give your team the most unified system for multi-specialty procedure planning with notes, data and more available for each patient and case.

Your surgical
workflow, redefined.

MirrorMe is new system for surgical planning and monitoring to help alleviate organizational burnout and chaotic threads trying to keep up with the speed of high performing teams

The MirrorMe Patient Dashboard shows your patient upcoming case information, such as date and time, as well as recently uploaded 3D imaging or photos.

Native patient application

MirrorMe comes ready with a patient app for ensuring compliance with the 21st Century Cares Act as well as making communication and remote monitoring seamless.

Keep patients engaged without relying on countless apps that lack cohesion and continuity for surgeons and patients.

MirrorMe makes collaborating on cases with other surgeons and specialties simple by seamless sharing the case data and managing conversations within the app.

Easy collaboration among specialties

For reconstructive procedures that require a patient to be cared for by a team of surgeons, the MirrorMe platform is built for secure sharing among your team ensuring information is where it's needed, anytime.

Unleash your potential.

with unified system built specifically for preoperative planning, intra-operative decision making and postoperative monitoring.

Scale Your
Team's Reach

Case management becomes easier with all imaging and surgical data centrally accessible. With the Annotations functionality, tracking notes and progress is simplified.
Scaling MirrorMe across your team or institution is simple because all data is managed and other users can quickly see what patient information is available.

Track vendors of custom services

MirrorMe Enterprise approval process flows for custom design parts, such as implants or devices, and keeps an auditable log for safe records keeping.
Tracking custom vendors for your practice or for the operating room is easily managed through the MirrorMe Approval Module.

Looking for our custom planning solutions?

Our full suite of products from models and guides to custom postoperative splints bring your plan to life, with preoperative and intraoperative decision making made clearer with tangible references.
See More about Custom Planning

Aim higher with MirrorMe

Unifying your system for case management and planning will simplify your process without sacrificing critical details.


custom planning

MirrorMe gives its customers priority for all custom planning services when they use the platform for case management. All data in one place makes everyone's day easier!


analysis modes

Gain additional insight at the click of a button when you utilize the advanced modes within the MirrorMe platform. Save specifics views and securely share with them with others.


access for patients provided

Enabling patient access to meet current regulatory requirements is important and MirrorMe has a native solution for ensuring patient data is in the right hands.


your insights and planning

The MirrorMe team has provided custom guides and templates for cases from rhinoplasty to phalloplasty. Reach out today to make sure you have the most advanced planning tools available for soft tissue procedures.