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Own Record.

MirrorMe is the medical imaging app that connects you more closely to your doctor.

Trusted by patients and surgeons, from wounds to advanced reconstructions.

Breast Reconstruction
For single or multi-stage reconstruction, monitor your progress in the MirrorMe platform by keeping your MRI scans and photos in a single place. Add your surgeons to communicate directly and share updates easily.
Nonsurgical Treatments
Save your photos from before and after each of your injections or topical treatments. For patients seeing multiple doctors for specialty treatments, unify your care team into a single platform.
Cleft/Lip Palate Repairs
Supporting a loved one through NAM? Track progress every week to see how the mouth and oral region are changing as you prepare for surgery.
Prepping for rhinoplasty? Understand your anatomy better today via the 3D Viewer and upload photos directly to your surgeon to enhance your discussions and talk through expectations.
Gender Affirmation Surgeries
Undergoing gender affirmation surgeries can require multiple procedures over the course of many months. The MirrorMe platform helps with keeping organized, monitoring changes, and communicating your needs and desires for surgery.
Wound Management
Track your wounds in real time, share your concerns with doctors and empower yourself with the best data possible.

And many more such as urology, craniofacial, orthognathic, facial and body contouring!

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Fast and Secure Sharing

Invite your doctor directly to your profile and control your data from anywhere.

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One Place to Store Everything

Track any changes to your body, from fillers to major reconstruction, by taking your own scans in 3D.

Store any photos, 3D scans and DICOM data to keep the a full record of yourself and your care.

Aim for the Best
Care Possible.

MirrorMe puts your 3D imaging in your hands. MirrorMe is the premiere 3D medical data app for patients and makes sharing medical imaging fast and simple.


Take photos or upload older photos that help you see progress or changes over timed


Upload DICOM or MRI data instead of keeping up with old CD's. Easily share any of your scans, allowing for faster review and second opinions.


The patient/doctor relationship is crucial to great care and MirrorMe keeps you closer and more engaged.


MirrorMe provides a user-centric experience without sacrificing on safety.

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Any Imaging Data

Fast & Reliable

Connect with your doctors for secure sharing
Directly send photos and 3D imaging
Track your progress over time

Get the best care possible.

All patients deserve an exceptional experience in healthcare. We are working to make the patient journey a more cohesive and engaging experience.

By using MirrorMe as your medical imaging platform, you can securely store and share any data directly with your doctors. Save yourself time and eliminate the fear of not knowing if your doctor has your current data.

1. Stay Engaged

Talk to your doctors often and ask questions to make sure you understand your plan for treatment or care and your options.

2. See Your Data In Real Time

Talk to your doctors often and ask questions to make sure you understand your plan for treatment or care and your options.

3. Communicate Your Concerns

Building trust with your care team is important. MirrorMe keeps you closely connected to your doctors and gives you easy ways to chat through concerns and questions.

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