Your data belongs in your hands.

Because it's your face and your body. Keep it safe and in your reach with mirrorme.

A patient using the MirrorMe app to view her 3D imaging.

Control at your fingertips.

With MirrorMe, you can keep all of your medical imaging in a single place, forever.

Invite your doctors to your profile
Directly share updates or comments with them
Track your progress over time and never lose track of your care
The dashboard upon opening the MirrorMe iOS app shows recent activity such as new scans, doctor connections and more.
Connecting with a doctor and sharing data for your case is safe and secure with MirrorMe.

Secure, seamless sharing.

By inviting your doctor directly to your profile, you have the control over your data. Managing access means that your data is wherever you need it be, anytime.

Upload 2D photos or 3D data
Compare imaging or data over time
Share access with multiple doctors as needed or keep data private when preferred

Free, forever.

MirrorMe offers patients lifetime, free access to the MirrorMe platform and app.

Always With You

All Imaging Data

Fast & Reliable

Aim for the best care possible.

By keeping your data in a single system, and managing your own health care over time, you can build trust with your doctors, seek out additional opinions and communicate easily whenever needed.


Take photos or upload older photos that help you see progress or changes over time.


Upload DICOM or MRI data instead of keeping up with old cd's. You can easily share any of your scans with new doctors or for receiving second opinions.


The patient/doctor relationship is crucial to great care. Keep your conversations in one place and directly relate your questions to photos and scans to stay informed.


You deserve a secure place to keep track of anything related to your health and MirrorMe provides a user-centric experience without sacrificing on safety.

Trusted by patients and surgeons, from cosmetic procedures to advanced reconstructions.

Tracking your progress, and controlling your data, empowers you and enables better care.

Breast Reconstruction

For single or multi-stage reconstruction, monitor your progress in the MirrorMe platform by keeping your MRI scans and photos in a single place. Add your surgeons to communicate directly and share updates easily.

Nonsurgical Treatments

Save your photos from before and after each of your injections or topical treatments to see how your face changes over time.

For patients seeing multiple doctors for specialty treatments, unify your care team into a single platform.

Cleft/plate Repairs

Undergoing NAM? Track progress every week to see how the mouth and oral region are changing as you prepare for surgery.


Prepping for rhinoplasty? Understand your anatomy better today via the 3D Viewer and upload photos directly to your surgeon to enhance your discussions and talk through expectations.

Gender Affirmation

Undergoing gender affirmation surgeries can require multiple procedures over the course of many months. The MirrorMe platform helps with keeping organized, monitoring changes and communicating your needs and desires for surgery.

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Company Values

All patients deserve the best care and best outcomes possible.

MirrorMe is working to make this true for everyone.

Stay engaged.

Talk to your doctors often and ask questions to understand more.

See your data in real time.

Review your data with your surgeon in real-time, in person or remotely.

Focus on what matters.

Building trust with your care team is important and MirrorMe keeps the lines of communication open in an organized manner.