Seamless Planning and Collaboration for Elevated Care.

MirrorMe enables physicians in leading U.S. hospitals to visualize patient details in 3D—allowing them to enhance precision, save time, and achieve an improved standard of care.

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Drive Quality, Efficiency, and Excellence.

Empower your practitioners to do their best work and achieve better outcomes with MirrorMe's integrated platform for seamless physician-patient collaboration and informed decision-making.

Simplify Phyisican Workflows.
Reduce wasted time and complex workflows by connecting physicians with patients and data in a single, comprehensive platform.
Enhance the
Quality of Care.
Increase value of care by enabling precise planning, informed decision-making, and improved collaboration.
Achieve Higher Patient Satisfaction.
MirrorMe's detailed data enables physicians to achieve greater precision and success rates, leading to greater patient satisfaction.

Empower Physicians with a Holistic View of Patient Data.

MirrorMe provides physicians with a comprehensive platform to gather and analyze patient data, enabling better care planning, monitoring, and assessment—facilitating informed decision-making for improved patient outcomes.

Enable 3D Virtual Planning and Remote Monitoring.

MirrorMe's virtual planning capabilities and remote monitoring tools allow physicians to visualize care in 3D—facilitating precise plans and proactive care management while saving the patient and physician time and preventing extra office visits.

Eliminate Data Silos and Elevate Patient Care.

MirrorMe facilitates seamless collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals by enabling efficient referral connections and treatment coordination—ensuring a unified, holistic approach to patient care.

Ensure the Security of Sensitive Patient Data.

MirrorMe prioritizes data security and offers granular controls to protect sensitive patient information. Providers can confidently manage and control access to imaging assets, ensuring compliance regulations and maintaining the highest standards of data security.

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