Splint LT Kit™

Better results require better postoperative care. Custom splinting is easier for patients and more protective of your on-table results. Patent Pending.

The MirrorMe Splint LT Kit for Rhinoplasty
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Easy to Use

Patients progressively move through the series as swelling goes down and healing advances.

Fast Setup

Submit your plan or work with us to create one from your preoperative 3D data.

Happy Patients

The Splint LT Kit is patient approved. Help them avoid tape and see their result faster.

Discover why surgeons are switching to the Splint LT Kit™

Created specifically for each patient, our Splint LT Kit makes postoperative healing easier for your patient and maximizes their result more quickly than traditional methods.

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Custom protection for
exceptional care:

External nasal splints that patients love.

Custom splints for patients are essential for better postoperative care. Patent Pending.
1. Control swelling more effectively and eliminate taping.
Patients using MirrorMe Splint LT Kit report greater satisfaction with the healing process. Patent Pending.
2. Designed for each patient to reflect your goals for surgery
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Custom nasal splints with easy to incorporate for patient care. Patent Pending.

Custom nasal splint kit

Your patients deserve a postoperative option that is unique tailored to their result. Use the patent pending Splint LT Kit™ to easily incorporate advanced care to your practice.

Designed for exceptional care

Elevating the patient experience includes offering the best possible option for postoperative healing. Patients find that using the MirrorMe Splint LT Kit™ increases their confidence in their result and reduces anxiety around postoperative swelling.