Precision and Control with
Custom Guides

for plastic and reconstructive surgery

What are MirrorMe
templates and guides?

• Our guides are custom designed for soft tissue markings and intraoperative assessment.

• Our soft tissue planning services are 510K Cleared and creating a custom plan is essential to saving time in the operating room.

• Ensure you use tools and data that help you to quickly assess your progress.

• Patent-pending processes for combining data sets and creating fast, reliable surgical models and guides.

Custom planning for:

Nasal Reconstruction

Facial Feminization


Forehead Flap Planning

Facial Reconstruction

Free Flap Planning

Trauma Repair (Soft Tissue Revisions)

Facial Fat Grafting

Secondary Cleft Reconstruction

and more...

Put your surgical plan
directly in your hand.

Assessing progress in the operating room shouldn't be guesswork.


Check your progress with patient specific guides.

• Tactile control

Clear on-table feedback

• Custom design for every patient


Patient specific templates for streamlining surgical markings.

Faster preoperative marking

•  Flexible for optimal patient fit

More efficient for saving OR time

Forehead Flap Template
Cheek Splint
Facial Profile Guide
Vaginoplasty Templates
Phalloplasty Template
Volume Marking Template
Mandibular Splint
Forearm Flap Templates

Have access to a 3D printing lab already?

If you work in a hospital with a 3D printing lab or have one of your own in your office, we can send you files ready for printing. This may help save time on rush cases as well as costs associated with shipping.

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