I'm a Patient. How do I use the Splint LT Kit?

If you are experiencing any discomfort or reaction to the splint, immediately discontinue the use of the splint, and Splint LT Kit, and contact your doctor.


The MirrorMe3D Splint LT™ Kit is a set of external nasal splints individually designed based on a surgeon’s treatment plan to facilitate healing, promote the control of edema and to protect the nasal tip shape during postoperative recovery.

Patients should follow their surgeon’s instructions regarding the application and use of the MirrorMe3D LT™ Kit or its component splints.

Rx Only
Federal Law (USA) restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


The MirrorMe3D Splint LT™ Kit, nor any of its parts, should not be used if any of the following occur:



If you experience any discomfort or sign of infection, stop use immediately and contact your surgeon.


MirrorMe3D Splint LT™ Kits, and their component parts, are patient specific devices prescribed by a surgeon for patient use following rhinoplasty procedures. Proper postoperative care can facilitate healing, promote the control of edema and help to protect the nasal tip shape and position during the healing process.

Indications for Use:

The MirrorMe3D Splint LT™ Kits are intended to be used for rhinoplasty postoperative care to optimize the healing process. The set of progressive, patient specific 3D printed nasal splints are applied under the direction of the surgeon. The standard timeframe for maximizing effectiveness is for use during the first three (3) months post operation.

Specific Indications for Use:

Postoperative rhinoplasty care to promote healing by applying compression to the nose to control edema.

Because the tip of the nose is cartilaginous and susceptible to movement, if a postoperative result needs additional intervention to achieve the desired outcome, the splint can be used to support the surgeon's goals to create the best possible end result

Splint Kits:

The MirrorMe3D Splint LT™ Kit uses a patient's 3D imagery to create a set of 3 graduated splints - the first splint is designed to be applied 5-7 days postoperatively, and the remaining splints are to be applied over the course of 4-6 weeks, based on your surgeon’s instructions. Each subsequent splint gradually becomes smaller to accommodate the expected changes in edema during the recovery process.

Instructions for Use:

Follow these steps for application and removal of the splints unless your surgeon has given you customized instructions.

In most cases, for 5-7 days post surgery, patients will wear the taping and/or splint applied by the surgeon. After cleaning and drying the skin, the MirrorMe3D splint is to be applied as directed by your surgeon using tape and/or a liquid adhesive. Place the splint on your nose, starting from the tip, applying it gently until reaching the radix. When your surgeon has instructed you to remove or replace the splint, start from the radix and gently pull the splint toward the tip of the nose.


MirrorMe3D splints are made of a biocompatible plastic. They are shipped in a non-sterilized state. To avoid the possibility of infection, clean the splints using a topical antibacterial soap before use.


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