You aim for perfection.

We give you precision.

Patient-specific. Surgeon-tested.

MirrorMe3D Rhinoplasty 3D-printed model
MirrorMe3D Buttock BBL 3d printed model
breast models plastic surgery
MirrorMe3D Life Size Face 3d printed model
MirrorMe3D Rhinoplasty Genioplasty 3D printed model
MirrorMe3D Lip Injections & Fillers 3d printed model
MirrorMe3D Rhinoplasty Kit 3D printed model

3D printed models designed to  improve the plastic surgery experience 

from pre-op, to intra-op, to post-op.

With our patient-specific models, you can utilize 3D printing to better understand a patient's soft tissue anatomy and complexities. Rather than relying on 2D photography, our models give you the most accurate representation of patient scale and form. Baseline models provide an exact match of the starting point, while simulation models and guides can help surgeons reach their desired outcome.

What about the soft tissue?

Today, 3D printing largely focuses on skeletal surgery. This left us wondering:

MirrorMe3D Rhinoplasty Intraoperative 3d printed model

What our customers are saying:

"I call this a paradigm shift. You actually have a printed scorecard telling you the volume of tissue whether it be bone, soft tissue, or fat injections that's required for the reconstruction." 

-Glenn Jelks, MD, New York, NY

 "The use of 3D digital technology and printing to create templates for soft tissue reconstruction...[to] have innovative clinical applications for personalized rhinoplasty." 

-Philio Lekakis, MD, Brussels, Belgium 

 "[MirrorMe3D] is helping me on the marketing side and understanding what the patient is thinking. And, they help me design a plan and to be able to execute what I want to do in the operating room." 

-Doug Steinbrech, MD, New York, NY

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