How do I 3D Scan in the OR?

Taking a scan in the OR is easier than ever with MirrorMe.

Let's walk through it!

1. First, make sure you've downloaded the MirrorMe app and have a valid Doctor Login.
2. Create a Photo Sequence.
3. Review your Photo Sequence and then tap "Generate Preview".
4. Review the preview scan, then tap "Save".

Give your scan a Title, select your desired View Permission setting, and tap save once more.

There you go! On-table 3D scans with a tool already in your pocket!

Now, we know mobile scanning may sound too good to be true. In fact, one of the most common questions we get usually is about accuracy. So, we created a blog post about this to help address your initial concerns but we're happy to chat through specific use cases if helpful. Drop us a line in our chat bot or email us (