What are View Permissions?

What are View Permissions and why are they important? View Permission selection is important for protecting you and your files. Let's dive in.

When you upload any file to MirrorMe on the platform, or through the mobile app, you will be prompted to select a View Permission.

This is true for both doctors and patients on MirrorMe. View Permissions are how you determine who can see the file you upload to a patient profile or a case (doctors only). Any user can always select to keep the file private, only viewable to you, and you can also change View Permissions over time.

We will first walkthrough View Permission options for doctors and then we will review the options for patients.

View Permissions for Doctors

When you upload any file to MirrorMe, you will be required to make a selection for the View Permission.

On the web, the section of the upload form will look something like this:

Collaborators Only: Select this option if you want the file to only be shared within your practice or group (such as other doctors in your practices, patient coordinators, and office administrators)

Patient and Collaborators: Select this option if the file can be viewed by your practice or group as well as the patient of which the file is associated.

View Permissions for Patients

Just like doctors, when patients upload any files to the MirrorMe platform, patients will select to keep the file private or to share the file with their doctors.

And similarly to doctors, patients can change the setting for any file at any time.

On the web, the section of the upload form will look something this:

On the MirrorMe mobile app, the selection box will look something like this:

Please note: when you share a 3D scan or photo throughout course of care, it is possible that doctors may use the file as part of your medical record. This is completely normal and completely routine. When a file becomes part of your medical record while under a certain doctor's care, the doctor will be able to retain a copy of the file even if you disconnect with them in the future.

We share this out of an abundance of transparency. You deserve to know how your files are retained by doctors who are providing your care. To learn more about this, please reach out.