know more about your surgical workflows through data.

MirrorMe is the next-generation surgical workflow for planning, communication and managing data.

The MirrorMe Platform gives administrators more insight into surgical workflow data.

Aiming for excellence requires a singular system for recalling patient imaging in an intuitive manner and managing OR teams and support staff. Searching for imaging through networked folders, emails, or messaging apps increases inefficiencies and keeps people waiting.

Built-in high performance visualization tools.

Surgeons and their teams deserve high fidelity visualization tools for referencing anatomy, formulating treatment plans, and reviewing case details.

MRI data for cases such as breast reconstruction can be visualized through custom modes to give surgeons greater tools for studying patient conditions.




Community driven examples, libraries and guides available

Supported by a network of early advocates, contributors, and champions.

Connect directly with patients.

Keep patients in the loop and within your system.

Facilitate case planning between specialties.

Make it easy for doctors and surgeons to have the data they need, where they need it.

Communicate efficiently.

Go deeper in patient education and communication by correlating conversations directly to their data.

Optimize outcomes.

Detailed planning, custom models and guides, and seamless sharing are needed when working towards excellence in care.

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Additional benefits delivered to Administrators
by MirrorMe.


Patient Rating

Patients find it easier to keep track of their data and to share new photos or imaging with their surgeon.


APIS available

Whether managing current connections with other software or wanting to create new ones, MirrorMe runs parallel while also seamlessly sharing information where it's needed with internal systems.


pricing plans and options

We strive to make options accessible for all teams, whether in private practice or in larger institutions. Please reach out to discuss the best option for you!


access and portability easily

Managing patient data is no small feat. Make it easier by connecting everyone, patients, surgeons, and care teams in a single unified system.