How do I upload DICOM data?

Helpful tip: To add any data, you'll need to first create the Patient and the Case. If you need help with this, please reference the Add a Patient article.

First, to upload DICOM images, find your way to Case Details. You can do this during the "Add Patient" flow or by clicking on the folder icon (as shown below).

Now you should see the Case Details Screen. Below is an example just to make sure you are in the right place! You can confirm you have the correct Case Details screen by looking to the top left side of the screen and reviewing the Case Title and Patient.

Since most DICOM imaging comes as a set of hundreds of slices, make sure you save the full data set (all of the slices) as a single zipped file before you upload.  

Trouble uploading? Double check that the zipped file only contains the slice data.

After you've selected the zipped file for upload, you'll want to select the View Permissions and Classification.

One other note about View Permissions: you can update this setting anytime! Just go to the Case Details page, click on the imaging file that you would like to change, and scroll down to the View Permissions options near the bottom left of the screen. After you update the selection, be sure to click "Update" to save your selection.