I'm a doctor. How do I get started on the MirrorMe Platform?

Welcome to the MirrorMe3D Platform!

We're excited for you to discover all the incredible things you can do on here. First things first, let's get you set up with the basics. Use the guide below to upload your first case!

Create a Patient

Before anything else, let's create a patient. Find the "Add Patient" button on the top right corner of the page.

There are 3 parts to the Patient Profile creation process.

In part 1, add basic details (like first and last name, email, phone number, birthday, and patient ID). Click Submit to move to part 2.

In part 2, you can add in further details, like address and biological information. You don't need to fill in everything!

Click Submit to move to part 3.

Create a Case

In part 3, you can now add a case for the patient you just created! Write in the case title, select the treatment date and time, and add collaborators (if applicable). Collaborators are any other doctors working on this case with you.

Once you select "Save," you'll be navigated to the Case Details page, where you can upload imaging data.

Uploading 3D Soft-tissue Images

There are 4 types of 3D soft tissue file formats you can upload:

  1. TOM files
  2. OBJ files
  3. OBJ, MTL, & JPEG files (this includes the material and texture files)
  4. STL files

First, name your file, then choose the classification (baseline, simulation, etc.), file type extension (.TOM, .OBJ, .STL, etc.). You can also add the date the images were captured.

Select the files you want to upload and click "Upload" to save them to your case.

TIP: Make sure to stay on the page while they're uploading!

View Your Uploaded Images

The 3D Viewer is the part of the Platform that allows you to interact with and analyze the data for a specific case!

While you're still in Case Details, find the words "3D Viewer" on the top left of the page, right under the case title. You'll see your files open up in a new page, with an assortment of tools on the left-hand side to choose from.

This collection of tools allow you to perform a variety of functions, including:

  1. Split Screen (view up to 2 sets of files side-by-side)
  2. Annotations (make comments that can be visible to patients and/or collaborators of your choosing)
  3. Measurement (take distance and/or angle measurements between any set of points)
  4. Manual Alignment (align up to 2 file sets on top of each other)
  5. Heat Map (generate a heat map that visually illustrates the difference between two files)

When you see the eye icon highlighted blue, that means the files are toggled on and visible.

You can toggle the files on and off (which includes the mesh format) using the eye icon, like so:

You can view any of the 3D images at any angle you like. You can zoom in and out using your mouse and/or trackpad, and click and drag in any direction to rotate and move your image.

Congratulations, you added your first patient and created your first case!

Want to save time on this flow? Request that your patient create a MirrorMe account and then add you as their doctor. Once they add you, they will automatically populate in your account.

Learn more: Click here to see how to easily invite another doctor to the case.