Welcome to the Anthropocene and enter ChatGPT, your medical best friend

Scientific American has crowned the “Greatest Scientist of All Time” but it’s not the time to celebrate. Then, ChatGPT has proved itself as an indispensable tool for healthcare diagnosis. Plus, we’ve got a story from Florida so you know it’s going to be good.


Welcome to the September 17, 2023 edition of the Digest.

Scientific American has announced “The Greatest Scientist of All Time”: Paul Crutzen.

Never heard of him? Many haven’t, but his research on the ozone layer and in atmospheric chemistry not only earned him a Nobel Prize, but changed our entire understanding of environmental systems. He even coined the term “Anthropocene”, which, for those who aren’t into geology, is our present time period, characterized by the significant and lasting impacts of human activities on Earth's geology and ecosystems. But, to reiterate the end of the article, his new accolade—as well as the new acceptance of Anthropocene in science—shouldn’t be considered a celebration, but an urgent call to action. Link.

Paging Dr. ChatGPT.

Despite countless doctor visits, no one could give frustrated mom Courtney a diagnosis for her son’s ongoing chronic pain. Instead, they all focused on their own specialty, without considering a more wholistic approach. “Nobody’s willing to solve for the greater problem. Nobody will even give you a clue about what the diagnosis could be”, she says. So she turned to ChatGPT. From Andrew Beam, Ph.D., assistant professor of epidemiology at Harvard, who was interviewed on ChatGPT’s efficacy in healthcare diagnosis: “I do think ChatGPT can be a good partner in that diagnostic odyssey. It has read literally the entire internet. It may not have the same blind spots as the human physician has." Link.

Local Florida man arrested trying to cross the Atlantic in a glorified hamster wheel.

Only in the Sunshine state. Reza Baluchi had a big goal: to wheel his way across the Atlantic Ocean, from Florida to London in his own creation. His dream is almost 10 years and a few failed attempts in the making. This time though, he’s in some trouble with the Coast Guard. You have to admire his tenacity and perseverance. Link.