Update now and save time later. And pricing negotation is here! For drugs at least.


Welcome to the April 9 Edition of The Digest.

Does new technology feel like more work sometimes?

Well, AI may be here to help. This is a video that explores how finally technology can reduce administrative burden for doctors instead of just adding more to do. Link.

You know you were curious!

Just what was included in the 91 page guidance from CMS based on the Inflation Reduction Act's fair price negotiation?Jason Shafrin over at the Healthcare Economist did the work on pulling out key takeaways from the guidance. Link.

Knowledge can be beautiful.

And this conversation between Naval Ravikant and David Deutsch is an exceptional example of exploring what it means to be human (versus machine), how to remain committed to knowledge growth and more. Here's a preview: "Humans have explanatory creativity. Once you have that, you can get to the moon. You can cause asteroids which are heading towards the earth to turn around and go away. Perhaps no other planet in the universe has that power, and it has it only because of the presence of explanatory creativity on it." Link.