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The probability of a coin toss and (preventative) healthcare heads home

First up, break your brain on a quick thought experiment. Then, breast healthcare is getting a major upgrade. Plus: a quick look back through the years on Juliet’s transformation (that Juliet from Romeo and Juliet).

Welcome to the May 7 edition of The Digest.

Have you ever heard of the Sleeping Beauty Problem?

It’s a thought experiment first proposed in the 1980’s that has mathematicians and philosophers arguing: what is the probability of a coin toss? Check out their arguments here and see which side you are on. Link.

Healthcare continues to head home, especially preventative care.

Shefali Bohr and Debra Babalola have created the award-winning device Dotplot, a handheld device and app that maps a user’s chest and tracks changes using sound waves. Since breast cancer accounts for roughly 30% of all new cancer cases in women each year, early detection by the device will lead to early treatment and ultimately save lives.
Check out their story here. Link.

Romeo and Juliet, a tale as old as time, and one of the oldest franchises.

When the play was first performed, Juliet was played by a man as women were not yet welcome on stage. Since then, Juliet has undergone many transformations, often reflecting the time of the adaption. As a hit in the 1600's, Juliet was a feminine, star-crossed lover. Later, for Baz Luhrmann's adaption, Juliet was strong and willing to die for the love of the Romeo. Yes, this is a bit different from our normal curiousities, but taking a quick look back will be fun. Link.