Have you ever seen yourself in 3D?


Why does this matter?


When you’ve found the right surgeon, communicating a clear plan for your postoperative outcome is paramount to success for your surgeon and you. You’re a team now!

Let’s talk about how to be empowered by 3D.

So, how does 3D planning benefit you?

Here’s the truth: It’s highly unlikely you’ve ever seen yourself three dimensionally.

Sure, you know what you look like from photos or in your reflection in a mirror. Yet, those are two dimensional experiences. To give yourself the best understanding of your preoperative anatomy, start your consultation process with a 3D model in hand.

How does this benefit your surgeon?

Just as a 3D model helps you understand fully your present anatomical structure, 3D modeling helps your surgeon in preparing a completely unique surgical plan as they conceptualize their path to your best outcome. Oftentimes, surgeons will use 3D modeling of your preoperative and simulated postoperative anatomy as they’re the most accurate visual representation of you, before and after surgery.

Just as your understanding is enhanced through 3D planning, so, too, is the surgical plan of your surgeon.