MirrorMe3D is the first company in the world to bring 3D printing to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.  Founded by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons, MirrorMe3D intends to make 3D printing technology available and affordable to cosmetic surgeons & patients around the world.  It is our belief that 3D printed models can positively impact various key steps in the overall plastic surgery process, including how cosmetic procedures are performed or how they are best conveyed.  Imagine replacing traditional 2D photographs with patient–specific 3D printed models, which could be used as a surgical reference in the OR, a tool to enhance the consultation, or a novel display of before & after results for the office.
     MirrorMe3D launched in late 2015, with much of the concept behind our start-up stemming from the longstanding success of 3D printed models in reconstructive plastic surgery. Over the last decade, the utilization of 3D printing in reconstructive surgery has grown tremendously. The value of patient-specific 3D models has been demonstrated by aiding with pre-operative planning, as well as use intra-operatively as a reference. This technology continues to be routinely used among various subspecialties including craniomaxillofacial, complex head & neck, and trauma surgery.
     The potential impact of 3D printing is quickly being recognized by various industries, both medical and non-medical. The team at MirrorMe3D is confident that we can lead this effort by delivering high quality, affordable 3D prints with unparalleled service.  We invite you to join us on this exciting new journey and see first hand how 3D models can transform the world of cosmetic surgery!