3D printed models can positively impact various key steps in the overall plastic surgery process, including how cosmetic procedures are performed or how they are best conveyed.  Whether you utilize 3D imaging or not, you can now replace traditional 2D photographs with patient–specific 3D printed models. The value of patient-specific 3D models has been demonstrated by aiding with pre-operative planning, as well as use intra-operatively as a reference.

 For rhinoplasty procedures, 3D models can be taken into the operating room as a surgical reference point eliminating the need for 2 dimensional photos in the OR. 3D models also assist in the consultation process as a great communication tool for both the surgeon & patient to discuss the surgical plan and desired goals. Lastly, as an office display, our 3D models can showcase some of your best before & after work while also providing an educational tool to discuss prior outcomes.


        Intra-Operative Reference                                 Consultation Tool                                           Office Display