Our Story

It all started when…

Standard photography was first adopted during the Civil War as a way of studying and assessing patients. Fast forward 158 years to today and surgeons are still relying on photography for external soft tissue.

Enter MirrorMe3D. We’re a bunch of technology enthusiasts (surgeons and civilians) who aim to make surgery better. Better for the surgeon and better for the patient. No one should be guessing when millimeters matter. And there’s no reason to rely on our often unreliable memories when technology is available to provide the clearest possible understanding. 3D technology enhances communication, reduces estimation, and improves outdated methodologies.

We’re leading the way in plastic surgery because our faces are key to our identity. It’s how humans connect, oftentimes without even speaking. We believe every patient deserves the best possible outcome and we’re here for surgeons who never settle for less.