We are changing healthcare: 

To improve accuracy

To increase the value of care

For patients and surgeons, alike.


Helping surgeons with:

  • Increasing predictability

  • Reducing revisions

  • Elevating care

To Help Patients:

  • Gain an understanding

  • Set clear expectations

  • Receive the highest quality of care possible

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The MirrorMe Platform

Patient data shouldn’t be out of reach for patients seeking the best care possible.

We unite patients and surgeons around mission critical medical imaging. It’s secure and available to you, on your schedule, wherever you need.

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Patient Specific
Models & Guides

From start to finish, we can help eliminate
guesswork and increase accuracy.

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I call this [technology] a paradigm shift.
— Dr. Glen Jelks, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery & Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at New York University