In the modern age, where imaging software and technology are rapidly advancing, so, too, should our tools for achieving success in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Despite plastic surgeons innately being among some of the most creative and innovative people in medicine, there remains a significant gap between surgical innovation and technology in cosmetic medicine. For instance, the standard of care in cosmetic surgery for the last 40+ years has been the routine use of 2D photographs which serve as a reference during surgery. 


Unfortunately, 2D images are rarely the same scale as the patient, are difficult to compare as surgery progresses, and often times placed on the wall far from the patient or at a vantage point in which subtle details can be missed. 


Our founders, plastic surgeons themselves, were tired of 2D images as the only reference tools in the operating room used for determining success. They wanted a tool that catered to their desire for perfection for each patient and the 2D images were chronically failing. 


To fill this void, MirrorMe3D was born and our team has been creating full-color 3D-printed models and soft tissue guides for plastic surgeons across the globe. As the first company to do this, we’re dedicated to improving the plastic surgery experience for surgeons and patients by providing patient specific 3D-printed models to surgeons who won’t settle for any outcome that is less than the best. As we grow, we promise to continue to innovate and pioneer new technologies that further advance our mission: elevate the best plastic surgeons.