3D Models & Guides

The slightest change can have a powerful effect on the harmony of the face.  Confidently assess your progress during surgery and never miss the mark. Custom-designed for your case in less than 10 days to give you the best reference tools available. No more fuzzy 2D pictures. Let’s eliminate guesswork.

MirrorMe3D Rhinoplasty Model

Why soft tissue?

From preoperative planning to intraoperative decision making, patient specific models are the most reliable reference for reducing guesswork and making soft tissue outcomes more predictable. The best outcomes require better planning.

You aim for perfection. We give you precision.

RHINOPLASTY MODELS: Featuring the key operating areas of and around the nose, rhinoplasty models help surgeons plan for surgery and simulate the procedure.


3D FULL FACE MODELS: Full face models also help surgeons plan for surgery with applications to orthognathic, reconstructive, and cosmetic procedures.


MirrorMe3D Patient Model

PERIORBITAL MARKING GUIDE: this guide is an injection marking template depicting a topographic map and facial asymmetry.



anatomical accuracy

We give you tools that are 1:1 in anatomical accuracy as compared to your actual patient. 2D photos, often times used as a substitute, lack clarity and important detail that can only be understood through a 3D reference.


cases completed last year

Last year, we worked on over 200 cases with surgeons who wanted better references and guides for increasing efficiency and optimizing outcomes.


customizable, patient-specific guides

Utilize any our current range of guides and models which we’ve designed alongside leading surgeons.

Have an idea of your own? We make every effort to accommodate the nuances of your process for achieving the best results possible.